Upcoming Meeting Announcements


New Mexico Avian Conservation Partners (NMACP) Statewide Meeting

Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge

February 20, 2024: 8:30-16:00



8:30        Coffee Chat – refreshments provided

9:00        [Raffle for those in seats at start time] Brief Welcome & Introduction of NMACP Steering Committee members

9:05        Owl species composition & abundance at the Valles Caldera National Preserve; Trevor Fetz, Hawks Aloft

9:15        Rosy-finch survival estimation based on long-term wintering data in New Mexico, Whitney Watson, New Mexico State University

9:25        Q & A (2 previous presentations)

9:30        Collaborative prioritization for research to discern population drivers of American Kestrel in the United States; Kristin Davis, New Mexico State University – virtual presentation

9:40        Modeling Raptor Abundance for Sustainable Take Limits; Chris Vennum, New Mexico State University

9:50        Q & A (2 previous presentations)

9:55        Studying Bendire’s Thrasher winter & migratory movements: New discoveries & opportunities for full life-cycle conservation; Corrie Borgman, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

10:15     Break

10:30     [Raffle for those in seats at start time] Artificial Light: impacts to birds & monitoring techniques; Joint presentation – Dylan Osterhaus & Kelley Boland, New Mexico State University

10:50     Q & A (2 previous presentations)

10:55     Renewable Energy Panel Discussion: Corrie Borgman, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; Judy Calman, Audubon Southwest; Craig Johnson, State Land Office; Chase Taylor, Pattern Energy  

11:50     Networking Lunch: please bring your own lunch, there are no lunch options nearby

12:50     [Raffle for those in seats at start time] Reconvene

12:55     Pinyon Jay Foraging Ecology; Martha Desmond, New Mexico State University 

13:05     Pinyon Jay Community Science in the Southwest; Cathy Wise, Audubon Southwest

13:15     Q & A (2 previous presentations)

13:20     Pinyon Jays in the Gila National Forest, 2021-2023: Surveys & Occupancy Modeling; Kris Johnson, Animas Biological Studies

13:40     Evidence for drought-related fledgling mortality as a major demographic bottleneck driving desert songbird declines; Silas Fischer, University of Toledo – virtual presentation

14:00     Nest Survival & Nest-site Selection of Pinyon-juniper Birds in a Managed Woodland; Tucker Davidson, Audubon Southwest

14:20     Break

14:35     [Raffle for those in seats at start time] Investigating Pinyon-Juniper Bird communities in Northern New Mexico; John Stanek, Southern Sierra Research Station

14:55     Fire, forest restoration, & spotted owl conservation in the Southwest; Gavin Jones, U.S. Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station

15:15     Climate related changes to bird distributions & community interactions: examples for species inhabiting the Rio Grande Bosque; Megan Friggens, U.S. Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station

15:35     Joint Venture Engagement & Playa Lakes Joint Venture Updates; Christopher Rustay, Playa Lakes Joint Venture

15:50     Additional Q & A & wrap up

16:00     [End of meeting raffle] Adjourn